Bellagala: Redefining an Industry

When my now wife and I were planning our wedding way back in the early 2000s, we did not have the time, money, or organizational skills necessary to plan the creative, personal wedding of our dreams. 

Somewhere between calling dozens of venues and vendors—all with their own separate fees, rules, and services—we looked at each other amid a slew of contracts littering the dining room table and thought There has to be a better way!

And so, Bellagala was born (and over 15 years later, it is still very near and dear to our family)

Since 2004, Bellagala has guided more than 14,000 engaged couples from stressed out to blissed out with our innovative, 8-service wedding package and personalized guidance from our team, every step of the way. Our creativity and intentional planning have cemented our legacy—with 82 industry awards and features in national media like Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and Wedding Wire. 

Our goal is to put the passion, power, and creative vision of every couple’s love story back into their hands. In other words, we help to make dream weddings a reality, every day. 



If you’re not familiar with this concept, you may be thinking it means we will all show up wearing white on your big day! (Don’t worry, we won’t—promise!)

At Bellagala, communal is our way of life. 

We foster a spirit of togetherness by retaining and partnering with a variety of highly-talented and sought-after local artists who provide these  essential in-house wedding services: Photography, DJDisc Jockey, Videography, Live Music, Floral Design, Event Planning, Event Lighting, and Photo Booth. What does that mean for you? It means our sales team and professional wedding consultants take a holistic approach to planning your wedding, working as one with you to plan your uniquely magical event, including one or all of these services.t.h.. 

Since all of our artists are on the Bellagala team, you’ll have one point of contact for questions, consultations, reservations, billing, and everything else. No more drowning in contracts, filling a calendar with different deposit deadlines or playing phone tag. Our professional planners handle the logistics, so the artists can focus on using their unique, unrivaled skills to masterfully craft and deliver the wedding of your dreams. 

Because we go out of our way to foster relationships with local artisans and talent, you can rest assured the quality and pride found in their unique talents and dedicated work is unparalleled. All Bellagala vendors are valued, reliable, and go above and beyond to bring your vision to life. 

We are committed to bettering more than just our wedding community. Each year, a portion of the profits Bellagala generates goes to the Sweet Children's orphanage fund in India and World Vision International, a humanitarian aid organization.

A bride is surrounded by her friends and family as they laugh and smile on the dancefloor


Community often means family, and that is incredibly true for the Bellagala team. 

That family pride and dedication is evident in the unmatched quality, creativity, and innovation of each Bellagala wedding. No copy/paste solutions allowed! Each wedding is customized with the highest level of detail, commitment, and artistry.



We believe weddings and the wedding planning process can and should be so much more than an extremely overwhelming, budget-blowing, stressful season of life. With a streamlined approach and a personal connection, Bellagala believes in clearing the wedding clutter and noise and instead focusing on what truly matters.

This is the beginning of your story. This is a reflection of your love as it is right now and a preview of the love that is to come.

Many people ask us if a life of weddings ever gets boring. How many vows can you hear recited, and how many first kisses can you capture before they all blur together?

We always give the same answer: Not yet. Not today. Not this wedding.

Every couple has a unique, passionate journey. You are never witnessing the same one twice because no two couples found each other the same way. Their stories were written long ago, way before we stepped in with plans and vendors. 


We are just here to make sure your love story is evident throughout. 

We are Bellagala, and we are redefining the wedding experience.


Written By: Tim George, CEO & Founder