Do I need a second photographer?

It is a question we get asked from almost every client! Do I need a second photographer? Is it worth the money? Do I still need it if my wedding is small? The short answer: Yes! It is a common misconception that you only need a second photographer if you’re having a big wedding. Throughout our many years in the wedding industry, we have found that adding on a second photographer to your package will not only improve the quality of photos you receive, but make your day even more stress-free (no matter how many aunts, uncles, and 2nd cousins you have to invite)! Here are some of the top benefits of having a second photographer for your day.

A groom reacts to seeing his bride for the first time.

1.)    Variety is the Spice of Life!

Couples today are steering away from only having the traditional set of photos taken on their wedding day. But no matter what, you still need to make sure you get those family and wedding party photos. Your main photographer will be making sure you have all the photos on your shot list, but they will have to miss some of moments in time you’ll want to remember. During the portraits, if grandpa tells a joke that has grandma giggling, your second photographer can make sure to catch it! And when you walk down the aisle, one sole photographer can either get your fiancé’s reaction or yours. Which do you choose to be photographed? Even something as simple as getting a photo of the napkin placements you spent three days agonizing over- you deserve to remember it! Having a second photographer there allows those candid and detail shots to be taken much more frequently. Because no matter how talented your lead photographer is, they can’t be in two places at once! 

2.)   Angles, Angles, Angles!

Picture it: you lean in for your first kiss as a married couple, the crowd quiets in suspense, and a giant gust of wind comes through and your hair gets swept right in front of your face! Good news, there is a much smaller chance that the shot would be missed, since you have two people capturing each moment from different perspectives. And not to mention the lenses! Something we don’t really think about is the technical aspect behind the camera. Close up and wide shots require the use of different lenses. So, while your lead photographer can be taking a wide shot of the whole wedding party, your second can grab some close ups.

3.)   Save Time and Sanity

If it is not in your budget or timeframe to add on hours with your main photographer, it will be crucial to make sure that every moment you have is captured as efficiently as possible! While you two are off taking photos together, the second photographer can get some bridal or groomsmen photos out of the way. Or say you have decided to a different area for the wedding party photos- one photographer can stay back with the rest of the guests to make sure that you don’t miss a thing! You will be less stressed about the timing, and you’ll be able to have more freedom in the photos you want to take.

4.)   Every Good Magician Has a Good Assistant

Team work makes the dream work, friends! Having a second photographer there to lend a hand to your lead photographer makes your day (and theirs) run much more smoothly. From setting up lighting for different photos, to corralling all the friends and family in one area and posing them to make the perfect picture, this is something that will allow your main photographer to focus on what is most important: capturing your special day.

5.)   Quantity and Quality

At Bellagala, your photographer will shoot an unlimited number of photos and cull them down to the top 700 that most accurately represent your wedding. However, if you have a second photographer there too, there will be even more photos and moments in time to choose from! With more options, you are sure to have the highest quality final product possible. Quantity and quality, folks. Who says you can’t have both?