How to Capture Amazing Wedding Photos, Even in the Rain

A silhouette of the couple is backlit from a light underneath an archway. Rain falls, creating a twinkling effect from the light source.

Remember, when Noah pulled Allie into his arms for the big kiss in the rain in the move "The Notebook"? Of course, you do. It's one of the most romantic moments in modern cinematic history, maybe of all time. But imagine having your own movie moment like Noah and Allie on your big day. 

We know what you might be thinking. No one wants it to rain on their wedding day. You've got outdoor seating to think about, floral arrangements, and of course, everyone staying dry. 

But don't fear, sometimes a little rain adds that little something extra, capturing your precious moments in a whole new way.



While a stormy forecast might dampen your mood, think of it as an opportunity to capture extra special moments with the one you love. And you'll always have a unique story to tell about how it rained on your wedding day and how it was still the most beautiful day of your life.

More importantly, your photos will get an automatic upgrade in the romance department. All you need is to look beyond the rain, add some patience, and hire an experienced photographer with a creative eye to capture your most important moments.

A couple kissing underneath umbrellas while backlit in a garden. A wide shot showing the dramatic gray of the sky to create contrast among the dark trees.

Don't believe us? Here are 10 possible magical moments in the rain that can turn into your wedding day's most stunning photos:


  • A romantic dance in the rain. You'll only have a few seconds for your photographer to capture the perfect shot before you get drenched, but the memories and photos will be worth every drop. 
  • Turn your ordinary skyline shot into something extraordinary with dramatic rain clouds in the background just before it starts pouring. 
  • A Midnight walk while holding hands with the heavy rain falling in the background. Perhaps including an intimate dip and kiss!
  • A kiss underneath an arch for protection from the rain, such as the ones at the Van Dusen Mansion, with raindrops prominently in the background.
  • Late-night photos in the rain with your entire wedding party carrying color-coordinated umbrellas.
  • Capture a precious moment with your new spouse in the rain, laughing while holding up your dress to also show off your shoes. 
  • Kiss under an umbrella on the iconic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.
  • After the rain subsides, complete your skyline photo with a beautiful rainbow in the background.
  • A movie moment capturing you in the rain with the beautiful scenery of your venue. The twinkling of nearby lights will be even more magical as they gleam in the falling raindrops.
  • Arrive at your venue in style, under an army of umbrellas helping you keep dry as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Closeup image of a couple kissing underneath a clear umbrella in daylight.


Rain can make even the most ordinary moments unique. Waiting out the storm in the car can become a dramatic picture with raindrops on the windows as you reflect on your big day. An outdoor ceremony with guests holding umbrellas can add character to an image that would otherwise be the back of someone's head. And added amusement in your guests' faces as they line up to get into the reception venue with drops of rain coming down.

Adding a few raindrops to these mundane moments can add a unique beauty to your photos that you'll treasure forever.



Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime affair, and you deserve the experience and photos of your dreams, whether it happens underneath a cloudless sky or torrential rain. Instead of worrying about the unpredictability of Minnesota's weather, focus on what you can control, like selecting an experienced photographer that can capture your unique story rain or shine.  

Our team of award-winning photographers will work with you one-on-one to make your wedding vision a reality. With years of experience and creativity, our photographers are experts at navigating the weather and know how to use the rain to their advantage to capture beautiful photos no matter what mother nature throws their way.


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