Make your gallery instagram-ready with a Curated Collection!

curated collections

All our images are edited to showcase true-to-life colors and consistent lighting. It’s important to us here at Bellagala that our couples are able to look back in years to come and remember the day as it happened, all the way down to the colors chosen for ties, shoes, or napkins.

However, in addition to our regular edits, we are so excited to offer these creative edits. Feel free to select one (or more!) in the style you love best. These are included side-by-side with your traditionally edited gallery so you don’t lose out on the true-to-life images, but can still have consistent artistic edits to share online or to decorate your home. 

curated collections
curated collection

Curated Collections can be added on before or after your gallery arrives! Interested? Click here to purchase the bright & airydark & moody, or soft black and white curated collection. 

Already purchased a Curated Collection? Woohoo! You’ll see the secondary gallery alongside your traditional edits in the same gallery once post-production is finished. You’ll be able to download, share, and print all versions of your images.