Upcoming Wedding Trends For 2021

A bride and groom, with their bridal party, celebrate on couches.

2020 is a thing of the past...finally. That means we can start looking forward to all that 2021 has to offer, and that includes weddings! 

So what trends can we expect for weddings in this new year? We looked to WeddingWire for inspiration.


Figure out your budget

Talking about money is never a fun thing. However, having a set budget in mind will help you determine what the non-negotiables of your wedding are. Knowing this number can help you determine your venue, guest list, plated or buffet meal, and even décor. 


Creative guest lists and the use of technology

Thanks to COVID-19, guest lists were small in 2020 and that will carry over in 2021. This year, think about having guests arrive at staged times, multiple celebrations, or a petite wedding. To make sure all of your loved ones can join in on your special day, live stream it! That way even if they are unable to join you in person, you know they are still able to celebrate with you.


Why not have your wedding on a weekday?

Weddings don’t just have to happen Friday through Sunday. Looking at a weekday option not only saves you money but also opens up the calendar when selecting a date. Having a weekday wedding also opens up more vendor options, as well as lower prices for different aspects of your day.


A collection of three images shows wedding floral decoration

Colorful décor

  • Powder blue: This seasonless color works for all aesthetics. Stunning on its own, it’s not so overly dramatic that you can work it in with another statement color.
  • Lavender and lilac: Sophisticated but playful, these hues are perfect for springtime or garden weddings
  • Papaya orange: Orange hues have been growing over the years, and this more pastel version has a slightly more playful vibe than its cousins (think rust and dark orange). 
  • The colors of the 90s: What was once old is becoming new again, and that includes the bold colors of the 1990s. When you’re looking for a vibrant wedding palette, look to cherry red, cerulean, teal or fuchsia.
  • Matcha green: Often just seen in floral arrangements, shades of green, including matcha, will be the star this year. 
  • Earthy neutrals: Just because color is trending this year, doesn’t mean a classic neutral earthy wedding palette won’t be as popular as ever. 
  • Tuscany yellow: Yellow, even in the smallest accent, makes a statement. For something with a warmer feel, look for hues that have more of a golden tone.

All about the entertainment

Dancing was limited at weddings in 2020. Fingers crossed that’s not the case this year, but whether or not it is, you want your guests to be entertained. A good live band or DJ, like our skilled Bellagala artists, not only help get people on the dance floor but also serve as emcee for your night. 

Another way for guests to have fun is with photobooths. Not only will it keep your guests entertained, but it gives you more photos to look back on.

But what are we the most excited for with weddings in 2021...them happening! After the craziness that was 2020 whatever trends come along, the biggest one will be celebrating all things wedding. 


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