Weddings in COVID-19: A wedding business owner’s perspective

A bride and groom are underneath the veil with their noses touching and their eye closed.

When you’ve made it your mission to redefine the wedding industry, a global pandemic certainly inspires proof of concept!

As always, our heartfelt thank you for your continued support and understanding. This year has certainly proven how important it is to build a local business around the spirit and strength of communal support. From our valued vendor partners to our engaged couples- so many people have gone out of their way to extend grace and encouragement.

In return, Bellagala continues to seek new opportunities to create and execute original, beautiful, and inspiring weddings- no matter the circumstances. Our brides and grooms and our wedding artists are counting on us to fearlessly and intentionally lead the way- a challenge we happily accept! How are we pivoting during COVID-19?



Yes, weddings are still on! Thanks to the dedication and drive of the Bellagala family, our weddings are back under production. Our team is working overtime to ensure all Bellagala weddings proceed as planned- when and where possible.

The state and national requirements remain a top priority for Bellagala. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of every guest and staff member at any Bellagala event. With certain guidelines in place, procedures and policies have been implemented to ensure that Bellagala brides and grooms can redesign wedding packages to suit their new needs.

We are giving our brides and grooms all-new options and selections to mix and match their contracted budget. For example, as you pare down your guest list you now have the option to expand dinner service options or select previously over-budget luxe floral arrangements. 

Services like videography have long been considered a “wish list” or “nice to have but not vital” item. Today, with critical family members and friends unable to attend weddings as previously planned, Bellagala has worked tirelessly to provide additional video services and live streaming options to make sure your beloved guests do not miss a moment of the wedding day.



In addition to our fast response and creative reimagining of package options for couples, the Bellagala team is proud to announce the continued growth of partnerships with local small business owners and vendors.

As a result of our company's national presence, we've been able to not only provide great services to our couples but also critical employment opportunities for many creatives whose businesses have been greatly impacted by the COVID pandemic. The previously mentioned last-minute videography coverage and live streaming have been a win-win for our couples and partners in the industry.

Additionally, as plans changed last-minute and travel became impossible, the Bellagala team worked tirelessly to connect our network of brides and grooms with local, small-business photographers, caterers, florists, and other wedding service providers throughout the country. We will continue to grow and foster relationships with the small-business vendors who showed up and delivered the Bellagala magic to our couples, even on incredibly short notice. 


When we set out to redefine the wedding industry 16 years ago, we had no clue our intentions and ideas would one day lead us here. What an impact all of you have made with your support this year. From our businesses to our local partners to our brides and grooms - we could not have done any of this without each and every one of you.  

Thank you.