Which Wedding Photography Add-Ons You Need For Your Big Day

The wedding day will come and go quickly, and you'll relive that special day over and over again through your wedding photos. It's safe to say that those images are important, and you probably want them to be as perfect as they can be! While there seem to be many add-ons for wedding photographers, the two that you absolutely don't want to miss out on are a second photographer, and added hours of coverage. Here's why:

Why you need a second photographer

There are countless reasons as to why you want a second photographer on wedding day, so let's just talk about the highlights.

  1. More variety: The best part about having a second photographer is that they provide a variety of different angles in your photos. They can help capture moments from a different perspective (aka both of your reactions during the first look, ceremony, etc). What's better than that? 
  2. Efficiency: Having a second photographer makes taking photos SO much more efficient, especially during the group shots and family photos. There are what seems to be a million different combos for family pictures, and your second photographer can help organize and group people so that they're ready to jump in when needed. This will seriously save you so much time, so you can actually go and enjoy your wedding celebrations!
  3. Capture more moments: So you're getting ready at separate locations, how is one photographer supposed to be in both places at once? The correct answer is: they're not. But with a second photographer you don't have to worry about those getting ready shots being captured for both you and your partner, it'll be guaranteed! Beyond that though, having a second photographer will provide the opportunity for so many more moments to be captured. While your main photographer is taking your sunset couple portraits, the other can shoot some pics of your gorgeous reception details, and capture your guests having a blast at cocktail hour. Overall, a second photographer will help make sure you have snippets from every moment of your big day. 
  4. Protection: although most photographers will have some sort of backup gear on hand, having an additional photographer is an additional safeguard that ensures you'll have amazing photos if something were to go wrong. Let's say your lead photographer's camera has some sort of malfunction on the wedding day - while they work on getting that fixed real quick, your second photographer can continue on with pictures so that you don't fall behind schedule. Amazing, right?!


Why you should add some extra hours of photography coverage 

Now let's talk timeline. Everyone's timeline is going to look a little different, because no two weddings are the same! Below we've put together a generic photography timeline, to show you how much time, on average, a photographer needs to capture those special moments. 

  1. Getting ready/details photos | 45 minutes
  2. First look | 10 - 15 minutes (if you are planning on reading letters or your vows to each other, this will take a little bit longer!)
  3. Couple portraits | 45 minutes
  4. Wedding party portraits | 45 minutes
  5. Family portraits | 30 minutes - 1 hour (depending on how many family members are included in pictures, and the amount of combos you want)
  6. Ceremony | 30 minutes - 1 hour (do you have to travel to a different location for your ceremony?  If so, be sure to consider travel time!)
  7. Sunset portraits | 30 minutes
  8. Reception | 2 hours (don't forget, your photographer needs to eat during this time!) 
    1. Grand entrance
    2. First dances
    3. Cake cutting
    4. Toasts
    5. Dancing
    6. Send off

Each wedding day timeline will vary, but an ideal amount of time to book your photographer for is anywhere between 7-10 hours. This will ensure that every moment of your day is captured, and that you have plenty of time to do so. There is nothing worse than rushing through photos on wedding day because you're short on time with your photographer. You should enjoy every second of your wedding day - and have the most wonderful pictures to relive it!  


Those reasons, and many more, are why you shouldn't skip out on adding a second wedding photographer and some added hours to your photography package. Your photography team will be sure to capture every memorable moment, from saying "I do" to your send off at the end of the night. 

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