Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T
Photographer - Teej T

Photographer - Teej T

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  • 75-100/hour of color corrected images
  • Photographer will contact you within one week of booking
  • Back-up Lead Photographer on-call
  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Professional post-production with 4 - 6 week turnaround time
  • Shareable curated online gallery with high-resolution images
  • Digital download with full rights
  • Professional printing options
  • Customization Options:
    • Hours of Coverage
    • 2nd Photographer
    • Engagement or Bridal Session
    • Photo Albums


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central Pittsburgh

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Meet Teej, a dedicated wedding photographer with seven years of experience and a passion for encapsulating love stories through the art of photography. Teej's work is a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and contemporary flair, aimed at creating timeless images that couples can cherish for a lifetime. His approach to wedding photography is not just about capturing moments; it's about capturing the essence of each couple's unique relationship and the beauty that unfolds on their special day.

Based in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area, Teej is committed to following your love story wherever it may lead, whether it's a local celebration or a destination far from home. His dedication to his craft and his clients is evident in every photograph, each one a meticulously crafted piece of art designed to stand the test of time. For Teej, wedding photography is more than just a job; it's a privilege to document the most significant moments of love and commitment between two people.

Couples looking for a photographer who combines dedication with a keen eye for contemporary elegance will find in Teej a perfect match. His ability to blend the timeless with the modern ensures that your wedding photos will not only capture the day but also the emotion, beauty, and unique story that define your journey together.