10 Benefits of a Second Photographer

Three photos show a bride, holding red roses, with her groom in a navy suit.

A second photographer may seem like just another added cost to your wedding budget, but the benefits of this vendor add-on far outweigh the impact to your budget! 

1. The biggest benefit: Angles! Two photographers allow for different perspectives to be captured at the same time. This makes a huge difference when it comes to your first look and your ceremony when you want to capture both reactions.

2. Capture the details of your day while also capturing the magical moments of you and your spouse.

3. Speed up your timeline by allowing both wedding party photo shoots to take place at the same time. This is extremely beneficial if you and your partner are getting ready at 2 different locations.

4. Some photographers work better with an assistant on hand. A second photographer can fill this roll by holding additional cameras and equipment to create efficiency.

5. If your ceremony and reception are in 2 different locations, a second photographer can run ahead for pre-arrival location scouting, so you can immediatley go to the best photo spot when you arrive onsite.

6. Better lighting! Some venues/outdoor spaces don't have the perfect lighting, but a second photographer can assist with supplying additional lighting, or blocking out too much light to prevent glares!

7. Formal photos take less time, as both sides of the family can be done simultaneously before photos with you both.

8. Capture moments you miss while taking portraits with your photographer - the cocktail hour, guest tables during dinner, or moments around your reception while you dance the night away!

9. Choose the amount of hours/time that your second photographer is at your wedding to best coordinate with your timeline for the optimal use of your budget!

10. Photographers often offer great packages and discounts that include a second photographer - so be sure to ask so you know what all of your options are!