Why Should I Hire a Videographer for my Wedding?

The Benefits of Hiring A Videographer 

wedding videography

Wedding photographers have been a thing since the 1800s. Really, since cameras were invented! It makes sense, your wedding day is meant to be one of the most special days in your life, of course you’re going to want pictures to remember it! We’re not in the 1800s anymore though, an even better way to capture your day has come, and it’s called video. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a videographer for your wedding. 


Catch Every Detail 

Your vows, best man/maid of honor speeches, dance moves, and toasts can’t be fully captured with just a picture. A video will capture every single important and emotional moment of the day with visuals and audio. Hearing your partner recite their vows to you, your flower girl giggle as she skips down the aisle, or the crowd cracking up at a speech will truly allow you to relive the moment. 

Video will also capture moments that you weren’t a part of, like seeing your partner get ready, or your parents’ reaction to you exchanging your vows. 


Be The Star of Your Own Movie 

One of the best parts about a videographer is that they'll stay to the wayside and film in a less-intrusive, documentary style. You might not even know they’re there! You won't need to worry about Uncle Jim with the camcorder walking around in everyone’s faces asking them questions. Thank goodness! After the big day, you'll have a beautiful, polished video with music and effects that will make you feel like you’re watching a wedding meant to be in a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. 


How many bins or boxes do you have stored away in dressers, closets, or even the attic? Probably more than you know what to do with. Having a video of all the important moments from your wedding day is much easier to store and access. You can reminisce on your big day in less than five minutes and put it on Facebook for your friends and family who didn’t attend. Let’s be real, people don’t want to flip through your 300 pictures of the wedding, but they will definitely watch a five minutes clip of the entire night!

Plus, with your downloadable link you have the convenience to email and share the video with anyone who wants to watch. Amazing!



It's no secret that COVID-19 has changed the wedding industry. Couples are opting for smaller weddings, and guests might be more hesitant to travel. It’s safe to say it’s upsetting that people you wanted with you on your wedding day might not attend. A silver lining is that they can be there virtually! Having a videographer present is a great way to have those people still involved. The videographer can livestream everything that happens so no one feels left out. You will also be provided with a copy of the livestream so you can watch your entire wedding over again. 


How To Find The Best Videographer

When looking for a videographer for your wedding make sure that they’re someone you’re comfortable with since they'll be following you around the entire day. It's not a bad idea to also ask for samples of their work so you know that their style matches what you’re looking for.

At Bellagala we've done all the searching for you, and have vetted the top videographers that will deliver a dreamy wedding video. They use the best equipment on the market, stay up to date on all the latest trends, and really turn the video into a work of art during post-production. 

Hiring a videographer for your big day is a great decision. You spend all this time planning, why wouldn’t you want to capture every single moment? A video Is the closest thing you will ever have to reliving your wedding day. 


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