Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D
Photographer - Aurel D

Photographer - Aurel D

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  • 75-100/hour of color corrected images
  • Photographer will contact you within one week of booking
  • Back-up Lead Photographer on-call
  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Professional post-production with 4 - 6 week turnaround time
  • Shareable curated online gallery with high-resolution images
  • Digital download with full rights
  • Professional printing options
  • Customization Options:
    • Hours of Coverage
    • 2nd Photographer
    • Engagement or Bridal Session
    • Photo Albums


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central Philadelphia

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Meet Aurel, a wedding photographer whose journey from the rugged trails of Tirana, Albania, to the picturesque landscapes of Havertown, PA, has shaped his modern, impressive, and organized approach to capturing your special day. Aurel's early days as a mountain guide, leading clients through Albania's breathtaking scenery, honed his eye for beauty and detail in nature and landscape photography. This foundation seamlessly transitioned into a passion for portrait and wedding photography, where he brings the same attention to detail and love for storytelling.

Aurel's international experience, including years spent in Italy with his beautiful wife and their son Matteo, enriches his photography with a blend of styles and perspectives, making his work stand out. His modern approach to wedding photography combines a keen eye for contemporary trends with timeless elegance, resulting in images that are both fresh and enduring.

Organized and meticulous in his process, Aurel ensures that every aspect of your wedding photography is managed with precision, from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your images. His ability to capture the essence of your relationship and the joy of your wedding day in stunning, beautifully composed photographs makes him the ideal choice for couples seeking a photographer who can turn their special moments into lasting memories.

Choosing Aurel for your wedding means entrusting your memories to a photographer whose work is not only visually impressive but also deeply personal and thoughtfully curated. With Aurel, your wedding photographs will be a treasure that reflects the beauty, love, and unique story of your day.