Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B
Photographer - Laura B

Photographer - Laura B

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  • 75-100/hour of color corrected images
  • Photographer will contact you within one week of booking
  • Back-up Lead Photographer on-call
  • Packages 100% refundable for 14 days
  • Timeline consultation and access to online planning tools
  • Professional post-production with 4 - 6 week turnaround time
  • Shareable curated online gallery with high-resolution images
  • Digital download with full rights
  • Professional printing options
  • Customization Options:
    • Hours of Coverage
    • 2nd Photographer
    • Engagement or Bridal Session
    • Photo Albums


Accepts bookings within and beyond 40 miles of central Cleveland

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~ 2022 National Artist of the Year ~

Meet Laura B, a photographer whose bubbly personality and emotive, visionary approach to wedding photography make her a standout choice for couples looking for more than just pictures on their special day. Laura's philosophy on weddings is deeply rooted in the belief that these celebrations are not just about formalities but about validating the union of two souls and their families, making everyone involved feel truly valued and cared for.

Her passion for capturing weddings is fueled by the small, yet profoundly significant details of the day - from the scent of fresh flowers to the carefully chosen decor, and most importantly, the quiet, emotional moments shared with loved ones. Laura sees weddings as the perfect manifestation of life's purpose, not just for the couple but for herself as a photographer. With the support of her family, she has found her calling in documenting these unions, bringing a sense of importance and care to every shot she takes.

Laura's work goes beyond traditional photography; it's about capturing the essence of the day and the emotions that make it unique. For couples who want their wedding to be remembered as a vibrant, heartfelt celebration, Laura B offers not just her skills as a photographer but her genuine passion for making every moment count. She believes that everything about your wedding matters, because you matter, making her an ideal photographer for those who value authenticity and emotion in their wedding photos.